Case Study: Getting the Most Out of BB Collaborate Ultra

Gary Ramsden – LIBS –  Associate Professor in Logistics and Operation Management – Staff Profile

Dr Eliseo Vilalta -Perdomo – LIBS – Associate Professor/Programme Leader – Staff Profile

Gary and Eliseo conducted a series of on line Group Presentation assessments yesterday using Bb Collaborate and wanted to share their key learning points with you regarding the best use of BB Collaborate Ultra. So in no particular order:

 Recording – remember to turn it on and, of course, off…!

 Participant roles – are easily changed so be sure to make the students presenters and also the moderators moderators – the moderator facility is really useful as moderators can exchange messages without the students seeing (good to chat with Eliseo throughout the process) – we chose to make one student the presenter and they managed the slide deck

 Microphonesmute all is a great feature and does away with the feedback and associated noise that can result from everyone having their microphones switched on

 Video sharing – remember to share your video when talking to the students and also when asking any follow up questions as this serves to add the personal touch….our students were also keen to share their video, and some had even managed to dress for the occasion!

 Time windows – Set large time windows for each presentation as it does take time to get everyone working on the system….we allowed 30 min slots for a 15min + 5min questions and did struggle on a couple of occasions – doesn’t help when one group take 24 min to deliver a 15 min presentation of course!

 Prior planning – in light of the above be sure to send out a clear timetable of events to the students with a link to the collaborate classroom.  Make the classroom available well ahead of the event as some groups did practice on collaborate beforehand

I hope that the above help and am pleased to report that we did achieve our aims.  The students also seemed to enjoy the experience and given that the group members were scattered across the globe this was a great achievement for them.

 Final point – a great exposure to the frustrations of video conferencing that all of the students will face when they venture out into the commercial world!

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