Case Study: Uploading Asynchronous Lectures

Jack Shelbourn – College of Arts – Lincoln School of Film and Media – Staff Profile

The transition to remote learning has been smooth, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been potential setbacks. Academics and support staff have been working tirelessly behind the scenes anticipating potential hiccups, preparing academics to deliver online programmes, and rapidly providing solutions when issues arise,

Jack Shelbourn, from the Lincoln School of Film and Media, planned to deliver an interactive lecture to his students last week. Just before it was scheduled to commence, however, his internet dropped out. No Collaborate Ultra, no BlackBoard, no access to any of his usual toolbox of online resources.

Following advice given in a Digital Education webinar, Jack decided to adapt, recording a lecture which could be played back later. “It’s really useful having so many options,” he said. “So I recorded what I would have said, minus the questions.”  Once his internet connection resumed, Jack uploaded his video to Panopto, giving students the flexibility to watch it when they chose. Throughout, Jack maintained communication with his students, “Students messaged me on Teams and email for details and asking questions.”

Although the lecture didn’t happen as he had originally planned it, Jack was pleased with the result. “I think I still got my to-do and teaching list completed for the day.”

To access a helpsheet on using Panopto, please click here.

If you would like any further advice on supporting students online, email or visit the DigiEd clinic (Mon – Fri | 9 – 5 ) by clicking here.

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