Case Study: We’re an Academic Couple Juggling Lecturing from Home and Childcare

Theresa Mercer – School of Geography – Senior Lecturer – Staff Profile

Andrew Kythreotis – School of Geography – Senior Lecturer – Staff Profile

Two of our academics have written an article for the Times Higher Education (THE) group relating their experience of working from home while juggling childcare. Theresa and Andrew both teach in the School of Geography at the University of Lincoln.

This article describes their experiences of moving from traditional teaching to online methods. Both academics admit they aren’t particularly digitally adept and this was the first time they had to use online methods to run lectures through Blackboard Collaborate.  They discuss how they support each other with using new technology and how, instead of going on a physical field trip, they were able to conduct a virtual field trip using pre-recorded drone footage and photos.

Read more about their experiences in the full Times Higher Education article by following this link here.

The full article belongs to the original authors and THE. It has been posted here with the original authors consent.

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