Remote Assessment

Helpsheets and videos to support remote assessment

You may wish to explore methods or techniques to extend your teaching remotely. Below, you will find a list of helpsheets and videos to best support online assessments using Blackboard, Turnitin and Panopto.

Supporting Online Assessment

Please note: Turnitin should be used for text-based assignments (documents/essays/etc.).  Images may be included within documents submitted to Turnitin, but for assignments that are audio, video, or image based; either Blackboard assignments, Panopto assignments, or Large file submissions are available – Please see below for details.

New: Conducting Time Constraint Assessments (TCA) and Short Format Assignments using Turnitin | Doc | PDF

New: Walkthrough of the TCA process with Kevin Jacques (College of Science, Director of Academic Quality and Standards)

Part 1: Introduction: Video

Part 2: Setting up on Blackboard: Video

Part 3: Setting your TCA: Video

Part 4: Creating a Turnitin upload area: Video

Part 5: Adjusting for Learning Support Plans (LSP): Video

New: Large File Submission with OneDrive (Staff Guidance) | Doc | PDF

New: Large File Submissions With OneDrive (Student Guidance) | Doc | PDF

New: OneDrive and Email Submissions of Assessed Work | Doc | PDF

New: Creating Blackboard Assignment submission points | Doc | PDF

Video and audio submissions via Panopto on Blackboard

Support on running assessments where students submit video content via Panopto and Blackboard.  (Mp3’s and audio should be treated the same as video). Uploading student video submissions to Blackboard is NOT encouraged due to potential negative impact on Blackboard that may occur as a result. Please follow the advice below instead.

Creating a Panopto Video Submission Point | Doc | PDF

Presentations and Posters for Assessment

Support on advice for running presentation and poster assessments with students.

Using MS Teams for Student Presentations and Posters for assessment  | Doc | PDF

New: Using Bb Collaborate Ultra for Group Presentations | Image | Blog Article

Scanning documents for submission

Capture handwritten documents and notes with Microsoft Office Lens | Doc | PDF | Video

Adding digital text to PDFs (required for submission to Turnitin) | Doc | PDF

The Grade Centre in Blackboard

Support on advice on managing the grade centre for assessment, marking and feedback.

The Grade Centre Overview | Doc | PDF

Marking a Blackboard Assignment | Doc | PDF | Video

Setting up a Weighted Column | Doc | PDF

Creating a Custom Column in the Grade Centre | Doc | PDF

Downloading Grades from the Grade Centre | Doc | PDF | Video

Managing the Grade Centre Categories and Smart Views | Doc | PDF | Video

Managing the Grade Centre Marking Periods | Doc | PDF | Video

Tips for Managing the Grade Centre and Assignments | Doc | PDF

Online Assignment With Wikis, Journals and Blogs

Using Wikis for Summative Assessments | Doc | PDF

Journal – Using Journals for Summative Assessments | Doc | PDF

Blogs – Using Blogs for Summative Assessments | Doc | PDF

Online Assignment Submission with TurnItIn

Support on running assessments, marking and providing feedback using Turnitin.

Introduction To Turnitin | Doc | PDF

Creating A Turnitin Submission Point | Doc | PDF

Submitting to Turnitin on a Student’s Behalf | Doc | PDF

Interpreting Originality Reports from Turnitin | Doc | PDF

Creating Rubrics with Turnitin | Doc | PDF

Turnitin Paper View Request guidance | Doc | PDF

Blackboard Quizzes

To support the delivery of  assessments remotely. Simultaneous large scale Bb Quizzes may cause the system to slow-down. Please discuss with your Digital Education Developer first if you want to use quizzes for assessment purposes.

Creating a Blackboard Test | Doc | PDF | Video

Deploying an Existing Test and Monitoring Performance | Doc | PDF | Video

Note: To manage load on Bb during this unprecedented period, we are strongly discouraging the use of question pools and randomisation, as these can be demanding on Bb resource.

NEW: Additional Support Resources

Remote Exams and Assessments (student facing) | Web

Library Support for SFAs

The Library has created an easy to use suite of material to support your students with SFAs during the alternative online assessment period. These include ebook collections and help with exam skills.

As modules will be taking differing approaches to referencing requirements, we have not included the Referencing Guides on the page. We have however included links to them here, should you wish to recommend them to students.

Please make contact with your Academic Subject Librarian if you have specific resources the students will need access to for the Short Format Assignments.

N.B. As you may know, we will not be supporting students with enquiries in the run up to and during the TCAs as these are exam condition assessments.

Copyright update

The Copyright Licence for HE has been relaxed during the pandemic. Changes are as follows:

•           You can now make a copy from a book you own, even if the Library doesn’t have a copy, however anthologies, plays and poetry are specifically excluded. Content uploaded under this special provision will be removed once these emergency terms no longer apply.

•           The maximum extract you can copy from a book is increased to 30% or 3 chapters (whichever is the greater).

•           The amendments apply where no digital edition is available through our normal purchasing channels.

•           The changes to licence terms are effective to 30 June 2020 or when the university re-opens, whichever is sooner. After that date the copying limit will revert back down to 10%.

•           Further detailed information can be found at

Any digitised readings that are made available to students still need to be requested via the relevant module’s Talis Aspire reading list.  More information on how to do this is available on the Support for Academic Staff Library guide.  Alternatively, contact your Academic Subject Librarian for assistance.